Integrated Testing Off to a Good Start

HHSC’s integrated testing of the EMeRGE project is off to a good start. Week one of the integrated testing proved to be both productive and enjoyable as personnel from HHSC and Siemen’s Medical Solutions USA began the job of testing and retesting the system which will culminate in organization-wide electronic medical records.

Hospital and IT professionals arrived at Kona Community Hospital on Monday, August 27th to find that support was in place to handle the influx of 80-plus people for a 3-4 week period. In the weeks prior, KCH staff upgraded technology and electrical infrastructure, increased parking space and lengthened cafeteria hours of operation in order to adequately host the large-scale testing.

Monday began with words of welcome from KCH and EMeRGE project leadership. Chief Nurse Executive, Pat Kalua, good-naturedly informed the group that the EMR system is only 88 work days from go-live. With that reminder and ground-rules established the testing began.

A few statistics of the integrated testing include: 32,000 sheets of paper were printed and collated to create 700+ test scenarios, which take into account eight of HHSC’s 12 facilities. With the exception of O’ahu, each region was represented during the first week. O’ahu personnel will join the integrated testing during week two. Testing modules were prepared for medical records, emergency department, pharmacy, scheduling, admitting, radiology, nursing, critical care, respiratory therapy, financials and CPOE.

Testing staff are housed local downtown hotels. Due to limited parking space on the KCH campus, staff carpooled in vans. EMR Training Coordinator, Dawn Wooten said, “Carpool assignments aren’t by specialty, or even by region, so we have the opportunity to meet new people. It’s a great way to get to know other people, and understand their perspectives on the EMR implementation.”

After hours, the off-island team members have enjoyed the opportunity to become familiar with Kailua village, and the surrounding area. Team members have enjoyed the restaurant options offered in Kona, and found the prices to be reasonable. And, of course who could resist a trip (or two) to Target and Ross at Kona Commons?

At the conclusion of week one, the overall feeling among clinical and IT staff is positive. The integrated testing is progressing smoothly. The consensus from participants is that the EMeRGE project is significant to the state hospital system, and participants are enthusiastic about its implementation.