Electronic Medical Records

An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the new way that all hospitals - including Kona Community Hospital and all HHSC facilities, are required to keep patient records.  The EMR system will keep track of a patient’s entire health and medical history in a computerized electronic format.  This federally-mandated change will help HHSC hospitals, physicians, insurance companies, and other health providers to retrieve information much more easily than ever before, as well as make a patient’s stay or transfer much safer and more efficient.  All patient files, including history, diagnosis, medications, and other important information will be kept electronically and safely stored.  

In May 2010, the HHSC East Hawaii region started its switch to EMR, which will replace paper patient charts.  In September 2011, the West Hawaii region and all other HHSC regions collectively began to plan this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime project to transform how care is managed within the family of their facilities. The project involves bringing technology to HHSC in a manner that will drive excellence and automation in all of our operations.  

At this point, the HHSC EMeRGE Project is advancing full-steam forward. When the EMR system is completed, designated providers will be able to access any patient’s chart.