Adopt a Room Project

Kona Community Hospital Foundation Adopt a Room ProjectThe Kona Hospital Foundation’s fundraising focus is on our Adopt-a-Room project, a special renovation of our patient care rooms. We feel that a technologically advanced, beautiful, and peaceful environment encourages each of our patient’s healing process and that begins in the room. The major technological improvements are new state of the art headwalls in each room which provide the medical staff with better proximity of suction, oxygen and power outlets and a bed bumper that ultimately contributes to better patient care. Facility upgrades will include new plumbing fixtures such as faucets, custom grab bars, hand-held showers, seismic ceiling panels, countertops and tile as well as new flooring and baseboards. Aesthetic renovations will be new televisions, window shades, mirrors and closet door handles and the addition of a 3-position recliner. All rooms will be repainted in one of two color schemes chosen for tranquility and healing. The per-room renovation estimated cost is $25,000.00. We estimate that this project will take 3 years because all rooms are normally occupied by patients requiring medical services.

Adopt a Room - BeforeMost rooms at Kona Community Hospital were constructed approximately 30 years ago and are far overdue for physical and technological renovations. The severe earthquake of 2006 played a definitive role in the aging process and was a major setback in any efforts to begin the renovation project. Our citizens deserve better. It has long been known that a peaceful environment is vital for the recovery and overall well being of patients in the hospital setting. When patients and their families trust that their hospital is well equipped with up-to-date medical technology and their room is comfortable, it makes a huge difference. The morale of the attending medical staff is enhanced as well. As a result, we are focusing our fundraising efforts on this essential project that will enable us to renovate 37 patient rooms.

Adopt a Room AfterThe Adopt A Room Project is well underway. The completed rooms have received new vinyl flooring, fresh , new ceiling and window coverings, a 3 position recliner, over bed tables and to add an extra-special touch, artwork from local Big Island artists. The bathrooms have new tile on the floors, Corian shower and countertops, and upgraded plumbing fixtures. The crown jewel of the rooms is new state-of-the-art headboards. The Kona Community Hospital is the only hospital in Hawaii to have these headboards. We are excited to see this project come to fruition and the feedback from the staff and patients has been nothing less than positive!