Diagnostic X-Rays

Diagnostic X-ray (radiography)

Kona Community Hospital Imaging Diagnostic X-RaysDiagnostic X-ray (radiography) is an examination using electromagnetic energy beams to produce images onto film or computer. X-rays are performed for various reasons such as diagnosing bone injuries or tumors. Special precautions must be taken with pregnant patients. Exposure to radiation during pregnancy may produce birth defects. Always tell your physician and technologist if you suspect you are pregnant.

Patient Expectation

The technologist will bring the patient into the room. Dependent on the area of interest, the patient may be placed on the x-ray table or the exam may be done standing. The x-ray beam will then be focused on the area of interest. Various x-rays may be taken at different angles to better visualize the area.

The length of the exam depends on the type of study that is ordered. Most general exams take just a few minutes. Barium Studies and Contrast Studies may take from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Patient Preparation

Many X-ray examinations do not require specific patient preparation prior to having the study performed. However, there are examinations that do require specific preparation guidelines and those will be reviewed with you when the examination is scheduled.

Procedure Side Effects / Complications

There are no side effects or complications associated with having an X-ray examination.

Procedure Follow-up Care

Upon completion of your X-ray examination, there is generally no follow-up care required.